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Mobile Grooming Services

We are unable to groom large dogs or any dog over 20 pounds.

Full Groom

  • Brush, Bath, Conditioner, Hand Fluff Dry and Breed Trim
  • Eyes, Ears, Nail Trim, Scissor Finish and Teeth Brushing/Breath Freshener
  • Cologne and bow

“Major Matted Makeover”

Available for the extreme need cases-a complete Make Over for your pet. Hourly rate.

Start your pet’s  New Year’s Resolution to be a Clean and Healthy Pet.

Regular grooming is very important to your pet’s health and well being. Also your pet’s diet and exercise program makes an impact on his or her quality of life. Make this upcoming new year a happy and healthy one for both owner and pet. Standing appointments are encouraged and avoids dissapointment when your pet needs grooming.

Let’s start today!

SORRY- We do not shave cats…

We don’t do once a year shave downs- not safe for your pet!


Nevada mobile pet grooming